Finally, a close shave with no skin irritation.

Everything you need for sustainable shaving

Your eco-friendly shave kit contains everything you need for plastic-free and sustainable shaving. Including a beautifully designed, reusable razor that will last you for years to come, a luxurious shave oil that nourishes your skin while you shave, quality stainless steel razor blades and most importantly, a blade bank to dispose of used blades, that you can recycle when full.

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A single blade reusable razor that glides over your skin.

How a Nära razor is better for your skin

Unlike multi blade disposable razors, the Nära razor uses a single, high quality stainless steel blade that cuts the hair close to your skin without cutting too deep and damaging the skin and hair follicles - Finally, a close shave with no skin

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Your razor's new best friend.

A shave oil that's good for your skin

Nära shave oils contain simple, natural and skin loving ingredients. It’s a perfectly balanced shave oil that is deeply nourishing and provides the ideal shaving surface on your skin for a clean, smooth shave. Our shave oils are vegan friendly and PETA certified animal test-free.

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Beautifully scented handmade shave soaps.

The perfect shaving companion

Our skin-loving shave soap is handmade in Australia using quality natural ingredients and is designed to give you the perfect shaving experience when shaving in the bath or shower. Magnesium-rich rhassoul clay helps the razor glide gently over your skin, while a range of natural oils deeply cleanse and moisturise your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

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  • Vegan accredited skincare