Better for your skin
Experience the Nära difference

A single blade safety razor that glides over your skin.

How a Nära safety razor is better for your skin

A Nära eco-friendly razor uses a single, high quality stainless steel blade which stays sharper for longer. Cartridge razors contain multiple blades which means they cut multiple times in one pass and often lead to skin irritation. A Nära razor on the other hand, uses just one blade which means that it cuts once for each pass and reduces the risk of over-shaving and skin irritation.

Skin-loving shave oils made with natural ingredients.

Oils that are good for your skin

Nära shave oils contain simple, natural and skin-loving ingredients that are perfectly balanced, nourishing and smell amazing! With antioxidant rich Vitamin E oil, moisturising Castor oil, soothing Jojoba oil and selected essential oils, we’re sure you’ll love them as much as your skin will.

Beautifully scented handmade shave soaps.

The perfect shaving companion

Our skin-loving shave soaps are handmade with love and are designed to give you the perfect shaving experience when shaving in the bath or shower. Magnesium-rich rhassoul clay helps the razor glide gently over your skin, while a range of natural oils deeply cleanse and moisturise your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.